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Uisage[eedit soorce]

  • This template can be used tae display a status indicator alang the tap o yer uiser page an/or uiser talk page.
  • It accepts five parameters that should be placed in Special:MyPage/Status: online, busy, around, offline, sleep
  • Will anly wirk in the uiser/uiser talk namespaces.

By default, the ootput will be as follaes
  • Status: Online Ledgreen.svg - online
  • Status: Busy Ledorange.svg - busy
  • Status: Aroond Ledblue.svg - aroond
  • Status: Custom Ledblue.svg - custom. (if sleep= is defined)
  • Status: Affline Nuvola apps krec.svg – affline
  • Status: Sleepin Nuvola apps krec.svg – sleep
  • Status: Unkent Ledgray.svg – if yer status is nae bein reportit correctly or yer status page is empty

The first parameter is optional an mey be uised tae pynt tae a status page ither than Special:MyPage/Status

Can also accept named parameters
  • link: can be uised tae airt the text tae a page which explains the status terms
  • img_link: can be uised tae airt the status image
  • offset: can be uised tae affset the status display further tae the left
  • offsettop: can be uised tae affset further doun
  • sleep: redefine the "sleep" parameter tae onything ye lik
  • blink: will prevent flashin in "affline" an "sleep" status when set tae ony value (such as "na")
  • nocat: tae remove a uiser frae the category when thay are online (see below)

See an aa[eedit soorce]