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Eddicational institution IP address
Tae eedit, please creaut an accoont at hame an log in wi it here.

Due tae perseestent vandalism (see eedit log), anonymous eeditin frae yer schuil, leebrar, or eddicational institution's IP address is blocked (disabled). Ye will continue tae hae access tae read the encyclopaedia. If ye are logged in but still unable tae eedit, please follae thir instructions. Tae prevent abuiss, accoont creaution via this IP address micht an aa be disabled.

If account creaution is disabled an ye are unable tae creaut an accoont ensewhaur, ye can request ane bi fillin oot this form. Please check on this leet that the uisername ye choose haes nae already been taken. If eeditin is required for cless projects, please hae yer instructor or network admeenistrator contact us (wi reference tae this IP address) at the Unblock Ticket Request System wi a contact email address that is leetit on yer schuil's wabsteid. Thank ye for yer cooperation.

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