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Uisage[eedit soorce]

The template is uised in the Admeenistrative diveesions o the federal subjects o Roushie series o airticles. Aw airticles reference the same document (Roushie Classification o Objects o Admeenistrative Diveesion, or OKATO), which is periodically updatit bi the Roushie government. Uisin the template allows editors tae avoid havin tae manually change the document revision nummer in aw airticles o the series. Ance an amendment is issued an the airticles are corrected accordingly, it is only necessary tae change the revision nummer in this template.

The template parameter is the nummer o the OKATO section assigned tae the federal subject (e.g., Altai Krai is 01, Kursk Oblast is 38, etc.).

Example[eedit soorce]

{{OKATOReference|05}} produces:
Государственный комитет Российской Федерации по статистике. Комитет Российской Федерации по стандартизации, метрологии и сертификации. №ОК 019-95 1 января 1997 г. «Общероссийский классификатор объектов административно-территориального деления. Код 05», в ред. изменения №275/2015 от 1 сентября 2015 г.. (State Statistics Committee o the Roushie Federation. Committee o the Roushie Federation on Staundartisation, Metrology, an Certification. #OK 019-95 Januar 1, 1997 Roushie Clessification o Objects o Admeenistrative Diveesion . Code 05, as amended by the Amendment #275/2015 of September 1, 2015. ).