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Non-free media information an uise rationale – non-free video game cover or boxart – WAIRNIN: {{{Article}}} disna appear tae exist!
Check caipitalisation. Enter anly the exact teetle o a single airticle wi na [[link brackets]] or ither formattin. It is an aa possible the indicatit airticle wis deletit.

This is the cover art for {{{Article}}}. The cover airt copyricht is believed tae belang tae the distributor o the gemme or the publisher o the video gemme or the developers o the video gemme. 


The box/kiver airt can or coud be obteened frae the distributor.



Portion uised

The enteer kiver: acause the eemage is kiver airt, a form o product packagin, the enteer eemage is needit tae identifee the product, properly convey the meanin an brandin intendit, an avoid tarnishin or misrepresentin the wwmage.

Law resolution?

The copy is o sufficient resolution for commentary an identification but lawer resolution nor the oreeginal kiver. Copies made frae it will be o inferior quality, unsuitable as airtwark on pirate versions or ither uises that wad compete wi the commercial purpose o the oreeginal airtwark.

Purpose o uise

Chuise frae: Infobox / Header / Section / Other


As kiver airt, the eemage is nae replaceable bi free content; ony ither eemage that shaws the packagin o the eetem in quaisten wad an aw be copyrichtit, an ony version that is nae true tae the oreeginal wad be inadequate for identification or commentar. 

Ither information

Uise o the kiver airt in the airticle complies wi Wikipaedia non-free content policy an fair uise unner Unitit States copyricht law as descrived abuin.

Fair useFair use of copyrighted material in the context of [[{{{Article}}}]]//sco.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Non-free_use_rationale_video_game_cover