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Template:Non-free use rationale poster

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Non-free media information an uise rationale – non-free poster – – WAIRNIN: {{{Article}}} disna appear tae exist!
Check caipitalisation. Enter anly the exact teetle o a single airticle wi na [[link brackets]] or ither formattin. It is an aa possible the indicatit airticle wis deletit.

This is a poster for {{{Article}}}.
The poster art copyricht is believed tae alang tae the distributor o the item promotit, the publisher o the item promotit or the graphic airtist.


The poster art can or could be obtained from the distributor.



Portion uised

The entire poster: acause the eemage is poster airt, a form o product packagin or service marketin, the entire eemage is needit tae identify the product or service, properly convey the meanin an brandin intendit, an avoid tarnishin or misrepresentin the eemage.

Law resolution?

The copy is o sufficient resolution for commentar an identification but lawer resolution nor the oreeginal poster. Copies made frae it will be o inferior quality, unsuitable as coonterfeit airtwirk, pirate versions or for uises that would compete wi the commercial purpose o the oreeginal airtwirk.

Purpose o uise

Choose frae Infobox / Heider / Section / Ither


As poster airt, the eemage is nae replaceable bi free content; ony ither eemage that shaws the same artwirk or poster would an aa be copyrichtit, an ony version that is nae true tae the oreeginal would be inadequate for identification or commentary.

Ither information

Uise o the poster airt in the airticle complies wi Wikipaedia non-free content policy an fair uise unner Unitit States copyricht law as described abuin.

Fair useFair use of copyrighted material in the context of [[{{{Article}}}]]//sco.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Non-free_use_rationale_poster