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Evaluates an returns the minimum o a leet o numeric values (wi up tae 3 parameters). The parameters can be numeric expressions that will be evaluatit. Empty or missin parameters are ignorit.

Uisage[eedit soorce]

{{min | value1 | value2 | value3 }}
{{min|-7}} → -7
{{min|-7|}} → -7
{{min|7|-5}} → -5
{{min|7|-5|}} → -5
{{min|7|-5|-8}} → -8
{{min|40*41|300+30}} → 330
{{min|100+10|300+30|200+20}} → 110

See an aw[eedit soorce]

  • {{min/2}} takin exactly twa numeric parameters
  • {{min/3}} takin exactly three numeric parameters
  • {{min/4}} takin up tae fower optional parameters
  • {{min/12}} takin up tae twal optional parameters
  • {{max}} givin the maximum