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The Template:Metadata population AT-1 is ane o a series o short population templates tae get the population for each major region (ceety, destrict or toun) in Austria (naition code "AT"). The specific prefix code "{{{1}}}" is the prefix for auries in {{{2}}}.

1 - the region number (beginning with "{{{1}}}...")
2 - either "date" to get as-of date, or "source" to get source URL

Aw the templates in this set are designed tae function in the same manner, tae get the current population, o each major region, intae each separate article. The uise o central population lists, for each major aurie o a naition, allows the leet o population counts tae be mair easily updated (an verified) each year, rather than needing tae edit hunders o toun articles when the population figures are changed. In the reference soorces, mony population counts are listed thegither, sae updating a central-leet template is a seemilar way o maintaining the current counts.