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Non-free media information an uise rationale – non-free manga kiver – WAIRNIN: {{{Article}}} disna appear tae exist!
Check caipitalisation. Enter anly the exact teetle o a single airticle wi na [[link brackets]] or ither formattin. It is an aa possible the indicatit airticle wis deletit.

This is the front kiver airt for the manga {{{Article}}}. The manga kiver airt copyricht is believed tae belang tae the publisher or the kiver airtist.


It is believed that the kiver airt can or coud be obteened frae the publisher.



Portion uised

The enteer front kiver. Acause the eemage is a manga kiver, a form o product packagin, the enteer eemage is needit tae identifee the product, properly convey the meanin an brandin intendit, an avyde tairnishin or misrepresentin the eemage.

Law resolution?

The copy is o suffeecient resolution for commentar an identification but lawer resolution than the oreeginal manga kiver. Copies made frae it will be o inferior quality, unsuitable as airtwark on pirate versions or ither uises that wad compete wi the commercial purpose o the oreeginal airtwark.

Purpose o uise

Main infobox. The eemage is uised for identification in the context o creetical commentary o the wark for that it serves as kiver airt. It maks a signeeficant contreibution tae the uiser's unnerstaundin o the airticle, that coud nae practically be conveyed bi wirds alane. The eemage is placed in the infobox at the tap o the airticle discussin the wark, tae shaw the primar veesual eemage associatit wi the wark, an tae help the uiser quickly identifee the wark an ken thay hae foond whit thay are leukin for. Uise for this purpose daes nae compete wi the purposes o the oreeginal wark, namely the manga kiver creautor's abeelity tae provide manga kiver design services an in turn mercatin mangas tae the public.


As a manga kiver, the eemage is nae replaceable bi free content; ony ither eemage that shaws the packagin o the manga wad an aw be copyrichted, an ony version that is nae true tae the oreeginal wad be nae eneuch for identification or commentar. Uisin a different eemage in the infobox wad be misleadin as tae the identity o the wark.

Ither information

Uise o the manga kiver in the airticle complees wi Wikipaedia non-free content policy an fair uise unner Unitit States copyricht law as descrived abuin.

Fair useFair use of copyrighted material in the context of [[{{{Article}}}]]//sco.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Manga_rationale


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