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Observation data ({{{epoch}}} epoch)
Pronunciation {{{pronounce}}}
Constellation {{{constellation name}}}
Richt ascension {{{ra}}}
Declination {{{dec}}}
Redshift {{{z}}}
Helio radial velocity {{{h_radial_v}}}
Galactocentric velocity {{{gal_v}}}
Distance (comovin) {{{dist_pc}}}
Distance {{{dist_ly}}}
Group or cluster {{{group_cluster}}}
Teep {{{type}}}
Mass {{{mass}}} M
Mass/Licht ratio {{{mass_light_ratio}}} M/L
Size (ly) {{{size}}}
Nummer o starns {{{stars}}}
Apparent dimensions (V) {{{size_v}}}
Apparent magnitude (V) {{{appmag_v}}}
Apparent magnitude (B) {{{appmag_b}}}
Absolute magnitude (V) {{{absmag_v}}}
Notable featurs {{{notes}}}
See an aa: Galaxy, Leet o galaxies
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