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This template creates a link to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), a database containing scientific names of biological taxa and a history of their classification.

A search engine can be found here.

Usage[eedit soorce]

The Wikipedia Manual of Style recommends that taxa of the rank Genera and below be italicized (i.e. supergenus, subgenus, genus, species, subspecies, and varieties). Higher taxa should not be italicized . Italicizing when appropriate can be done using wiki markup as in the example below.

Cut and paste[eedit soorce]

class="wikitable "

Examples[eedit soorce]

Taxa around the rank of genus and below should be italicized:

{{ITIS|id=506801|taxon=''Camellia sinensis''}}"Camellia sinensis". Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

Taxa around the rank of family (including subfamily, tribe, etc.) and above are not italicised:

{{ITIS|id=21371|taxon=Theaceae}}"Theaceae". Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

For use in lists, etc.:


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