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|} Source:[citation needit]
Rules for classification: 1st points; 2nd goal difference; 3rd goals scored.
(C) = Champion; (R) = Relegatit; (P) = Promoven; (Q) = Qualified tae respective phase o tournament; (O) = Play-aff winner; (A) = Advances tae a firther round.

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Template:Fb cl fitmerk (Fitbaaa - classification - fitmerk)

u  : date o the last update (optional)
s  : source
date: Monthanme year - passed tae the fact template if unsourced
hth : if ther's heid-to-heid tie-break; y= yes; blank = no (optional)
p&mw : for rules for classification whan: 1st points; 2nd matches wun; Gin still tied, a playoff is organist; y = yes; blank = no
wins : for rules for classification whan: 1st points; 2nd overall wins; 3rd heid-to-heid points; 4th heid-to-heid goal difference; 5th heid-to-heid goals scored; 6th goal difference; 7th goals scored; y = yes; blank = no
gavg : for rules of classification when: 1st points; 2nd goal average (This parameter applies mainly on older leagues such as Fußball-Bundesliga 1963-64)
orfc : for ony ither rules for classification
nt  : notes (optional)
other : annotation o ither (default) itherweys no shewn