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This template allows standardized linking to various common Korean encyclopedias from the "External links" section of articles. Depending on the situation, it may be more advantageous to add this to the Talk page.

Parameters[eedit soorce]

The currently supported parameters are:

  • empas_b (for the Korean language Britannica)
  • empas_k (for the Encyclopedia of Korean Culture)
  • empas_m (extension for maps from Korean language Britannica; defaults to 001)
    • An image link is produced automatically unless empas_m=no
    • empas_desc is the label on the image link; it defaults to "Map"
  • Dusan mirrors:
    • encyber
    • naver
  • Pascal mirrors:
    • yahoo
    • nate

Set the variable to the document ID for the specific entry.

Search[eedit soorce]

Search these resources:

Uisage[eedit soorce]

These encyclopedias should be linked only in cases where they provide information that is nae duplicatit bi similarly accessible Inglish-leid soorces. The purpose o these links is tae assist in the verification, expansion, an assessment o Wikipedie airticles on Korea-relatit topics. If links are unlikely tae serve that purpose in a particular airticle, they should nae be insertit. See Wikipedia:Freemit airtins.

Note that these are non-Inglish tertiary sources. Unner Wikipedia:Reliable sources, soorces o this kind should nae be citit as support for information in an airticle, unless no better alternative is available.

This template should nae be uised tae link identical entries. Individual entries should only be listit if they are *distinct* frae the ethers an provide unique information. In mony cases (such as Encyber an Naver) the encyclopedias are simply parallel mirrors, an only ane o them should be linked. Baith parameters are available, in case ane mirror does nae host a given airticle.

Example[eedit soorce]