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The purpose of this template is to collect source text used in several articles in one place, in order to minimize maintenance and storage space. This is game 6 in Pool A between Tunisia and the United States in the men's basketball tournament of the 2012 Simmer Olympics. The template is typically used in the articles covering the involved nations' participation in the Games, and in the article covering the tournament as a whole.

The template takes one parameter: bgc (background color, no default value) and df (date format, default dmy).

31 Julie 2012
Tunisie  63–110 United States
Scoring by quarter: 15–21, 18–25, 14–39, 16–25
Pts: Ben Romdhane 22
Rebs: Ben Romdhane 11
Asts: Ben Romdhane 4
Pts: Love, Anthony 16
Rebs: Durant 10
Asts: Paul 7
Basketbaw Arena, Lunnon
Referees: Vaughan Mayberry (AUS), Samir Abaakil (MAR), Oļegs Latiševs (LAT)

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