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Telekinesis (fae Greek τηλε- "faur aff" an κίνηση "muivement"[1]) or psychokinesis (fae ψυχή "saul" an κίνησις "muivement") is a leesome psychic docht proponed tae lat a body deir upan or airt thair heft, or objecks or beins athin thair heft, athoot physical titch.[2][3]

Oothro the bygane til the meantime, sinthery baans o fowk wha hae ettled tae pruive telekinesis hae been mote fur an inlaik o siccar guidin in thair pratticks, an siclyke pratticks aft fa sinthery whan screent bi owersmen. Presentlie, at telekenesis is a suith docht ava haes niver been pit in pruif.[4] Hit is misregairdit as pseudoscience bi the maist feck o fowk.[5]


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