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Talbot 105

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The Talbot 105 wis a hie pouered sports caur developed bi Talbot designer Georges Roesch. It wis famously fast, described bi ane authority as the fastest fower-seater iver tae race at Brooklands[1].

The caur made its first appearance at the Lunnon Motor Show in 1926[1]. At this stage it wis formally named accordin tae its fiscal an actual horsepouer as the Talbot 14-45[1]. The sax cylinder ingine displaced a volume o 1,665 cc[1] an wis the basis for aw Talbot ingines till the Rootes takeover in 1935.

The ingine was repeatedly bored oot further, givin rise tae a succession o performance improvements. Throughout these developments, the exterior dimensions o the original 14-45 ingine block remained unchanged, housomeivver[1].

The 1930 Lunnon Motor Show saw the debut o the 20-70 model, bore an stroke baith being increased tae give an ingine capacity increased tae 2,276 cc[1]. In this form the caur wis later cawed simply the Talbot 70 or 75[1]. Hichter compression ratios an pouer increases followed.

An increase in the ingine capacity, still athoot ony change tae the exterior dimensions o the ingine block, yieldit a cylinder displacement o 2,969 cc for the iconic Talbot 105 model[1]. In 1931 fower 105s wur tuned to=ae provide a reportit 119 bhp, at 4,800 rpm[1]. In "Brooklands trim" further tunin an in increased compression ratio o 10:1 gave rise tae a claimed 125 bhp[1].

The Talbot acquired its fame on the racin circuits, featurin prominently at Brooklands on the sooth-wastren fringes o Lunnon. In 1932 Talbot pulled oot o racin, but a major Talbot dealer named Warwick Wright successfully ran a team o three 105s that year, an ither teams operatit bi dealers an enthusiasts continued tae race the caurs at least till 1938[1].

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