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Tak (toun)

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Tak is a toun (thesaban mueang) in northwast o Thailand, caipital o the Tak Province an the Tak destrict. As o 2005 the toun haes a population o 19,900 an an aurie o 7.27 km². It covers the tambon Rahaeng, Nong Luang, Chiang Ngoen an Hua Diat.


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Tak is locatit aboot 420 kilometers northwast o Bangkok on the Ping River, a major tributary o the Chao Phraya River. The ceety is surroondit bi picturesque muntains, it is the gateway tae northren Thailand .

The maist important water resource is the Ping River, which flows through the northren pairt o the province frae north tae sooth.

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Coordinates: 16°52′16″N 99°07′30″E / 16.87111°N 99.12500°E / 16.87111; 99.12500