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Taggart's 2010 teetle, the first tae be shot in HD
Genre Drama
Creautit bi Glenn Chandler
Starnin Mark McManus (1983–1994)
Neil Duncan (1983–1987, 1994)
Blythe Duff (1990–2010)
Iain Anders (1985–1998)
James MacPherson (1987–2002)
Colin McCredie (1995–2010)
John Michie (1998–2010)
Alex Norton (2002–2010)
Siobhan Redmond (2010)
Kintra o oreegin Unitit Kinrick
Oreeginal leid(s) Inglis
No. o series 27
No. o episodes 110 (leet o episodes)
Executive producer(s) Margaret Enefer (2010)
Eric Coulter (2001–2010)
Producer(s) Marcus Wilson (2010)
Graeme Gordon (2001–2010)
Lenth 60–120mins
(includin commercials)
Production company(s) STV Productions
(Scottish Television)
Oreeginal network STV, ITV, UTV
Pictur format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
First shawn in 6 – 20 September 1983 (Killer)
Oreeginal release 2 Julie 1985 (1985-07-02) – 7 November 2010 (2010-11-07)
Related shaws Rebus (2000–2007)

Taggart is a Scots detective televeesion programme, creautit bi Glenn Chandler, that wrat mony o the episodes, an made bi STV Productions for the ITV network.