Taejo o Joseon

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Taejo o Joseon (October 11, 1335 – May 24, 1408; r. 1392-1398), born Yi Seong-gye, whose chynged name is Yi Dan, wis the foonder an the first keeng o the Joseon Dynasty o Korea, an the main figure in owerthrowin the Goryeo Dynasty. He wis posthumously raised tae the rank o Emperor in 1899 bi Gojong, the Gwangmu Emperor, who haed proclaimed the Korean Empire in 1897.

Taejo's faither Yi Ja-chun wis a minor Mongol offeecial, but his ethnicity wis Korean. Taejo joined the Goryeo airmy an rose through the ranks, seizin the throne in 1392. He abdicatit in 1398 durin the strife atween his sons an dee'd in 1408.