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IATA ICAO Callsign
Foondit 26 Mairch 1931
Ceased operations 31 Mairch 2002 (operation transferred tae Crossair which became Swiss International Air Lines)
Hubs Zurich Airport
Geneva Cointrin
EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg
Frequent-fleer program Qualiflyer
Fleet size 76 (2002) [1]
Destinations 157
Parent company SAirGroup
Heidquarters Zurich Airport
Kloten, Swisserland
Key fowk Mario Corti, (CEO)

Swissair, S.A./AG wis the naitional airline o Swisserland.

It wis formit frae a merger atween Balair an Ad Astra Aero (To the Stars), in 1931.[2] For maist o its 71 years, Swissair wis ane o the major internaitional airlines an kent as the "Fleeing Bank" due tae the financial stability o the airline, causin it tae be regardit as a Swiss naitional seembol an icon. The airline thrived into the 1980s, when it wis ane o the "big four" Wastren European airlines. It wis heidquairtered at Zurich Airport an in Kloten.

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