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The Suzuki Equator is a mid-size pickup truck based on the Nissan Frontier.[1] The Suzuki Equator is first sauld in the US for the 2009 model year wi MSRP prices stairtin at $17,220, an wis first shawn at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show.

The Equator is offered in Extendit Cab an Crew Cab styles, the umwhile offerin space for fower passengers an the latter for five. In the Canadian mercat, the Equator is anly offered in the Crew Cab configuration, in a single trim level.

Power on base Extendit Cab models comes frae a 4-cylinder ingine. A V6 is optional on Extendit Cab models an standard wi the Crew Cab. Baith engines are supplied bi Nissan.

The base 2.5 L Inline-4 produces 152 hp (113 kW) at 5,200 rpm an 171 lb·ft (232 N·m) at 4,400 rpm,[2] an is rear-wheel-drive. It comes wi a aither a five-speed manual transmission or a five-speed automatic.

The 4.0 L V6 ingine develops 261 hp (195 kW) at 5,600 rpm an 281 lb·ft (381 N·m) at 4,000 rpm.[2] It comes standard wi a five-speed automatic an is available wi fower-wheel-drive.

The Equator triumphed ower the new Dodge Ram 1500, 2009 Ford F150, Hummer H3 Alpha an H3T Adventure, Kia Borrego EX V8, an Toyota Sequoia Platinum in Peterson's 4Wheel & Off-Road's 2009 4x4 o the Year.[3]

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