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This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is Sun.
Sun Quan
Sun Quan Tang.jpg
Portrait o Sun Quan bi Yan Liben
Emperor o Eastren Wu
Ring 23 Mey 229 – 21 Mey 252
Successor Sun Liang
Keeng o Wu (吳王)
(as an independent ruler)
Ring November 222 – 23 Mey 229
Keeng o Wu (吳王)
(as a vassal o Wei)
Tenure 23 September 221 – November 222
Marquis o Nanchang (南昌侯)
(unner the Han Empire)
Tenur December 219 - 23 September 221
Born 5 Julie 182(182-07-05)
Han Empire
Dee'd (252-05-21)21 Mey 252 (aged 71)[lower-alpha 1]
Jianye, Eastren Wu
Buirial Purpie Muntain
(amang ithers)
Full name
Faimily name: Sun (孫)
Gien name: Quan (權)
Coortesy name Zhongmou (仲謀)
Era dates
  • Huangwu (黃武; 222–229)
  • Huanglong (黃龍; 229–231)
  • Jiahe (嘉禾; 232–238)
  • Chiwu (赤烏; 238–251)
  • Taiyuan (太元; 251–252)
  • Shenfeng (神鳳; 252)
Posthumous name
Emperor Da o Wu (吳大帝)
Temple name
Taizu (太祖)
Hoose Hoose o Sun
Faither Sun Jian
Mither Lady Wu
Sun Quan
Sun Quan (Chinese characters).svg
"Sun Quan" in Tradeetional (tap) an Semplifee'd (bottom) Cheenese chairacters
Tradeetional Cheenese 孫權
Simplifee'd Cheenese 孙权

Sun Quan (Aboot this soondpronunciation ) (5 July 182 – 21 Mey 252),[lower-alpha 1][2] coortesy name Zhongmou, formally kent as Emperor Da o Wu (leeterally "Great Emperor o Wu"), wis the foonder o the state o Eastren Wu in the Three Kinricks period.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. 1.0 1.1 The Jiankang Shilu recordit that Sun Quan dee'd on the yiwei day o the 4t month o the 2nt year o the Taiyuan era o his ring an that he wis buried in the 7t month o the same year. He becam Keeng o Wu whan he wis 40 an ruled for 7 years, becam Emperor o Wu whan he wis 47 an ruled for 24 years, an dee'd whan he wis 70. (His ages are in terms o East Asie age reckonin.)[1] His death date corresponds to 21 Mey 252, while the 7t month o the 2nt year o Taiyuan corresponds tae 22 August tae 20 September 252 in the Gregorian calendar. As he wis 71 whan he dee'd in 252, bi calculation his year o birth wis 182.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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