Sultan Ahmed Mosque

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Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Blue Mosque
Sultan Ahmed Mosque Istanbul Turkey retouched.jpg
Basic information
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Geografic coordinates 41°00′20″N 28°58′39″E / 41.005483°N 28.977385°E / 41.005483; 28.977385
Affiliation Sunni Islam
Kintra Turkey
Architectural description
Airchitect(s) Sedefkâr Mehmed Ağa
Airchitectural teep Mosque
Airchitectural style Islamic, Late Clessical Ottoman
Completit 1616
Capacity 10,000
Lenth 73 m (240 ft)
Weenth 65 m (213 ft)
Dome height (ooter) 43 m (141 ft)
Dome dia. (inner) 23.50 m (77.1 ft)[1]
Minaret(s) 6
Minaret hicht 64 m (210 ft)

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Turkis: Sultan Ahmet Camii) is a historic mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is popularly kent as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adornin the waws o its interior.[2]

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