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Śnieżka z zachodu.jpg
Sněžka - the heichest peak o Sudetes
Heichest pynt
Peak Sněžka
Elevation 1,603 m (5,259 ft)
Coordinates 50°44′10″N 15°44′24″E / 50.73611°N 15.74000°E / 50.73611; 15.74000
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Kintras Poland, Czech Republic and Germany
Range coordinates 50°30′N 16°00′E / 50.5°N 16°E / 50.5; 16Coordinates: 50°30′N 16°00′E / 50.5°N 16°E / 50.5; 16

The Sudetes /sˈdtz/ are a moontain range in Central Europe, an aa kent in Inglis (frae thair names in German an Czech/Pols) as the Sudeten or Sudety moontains.