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Stoke Dry is a veelage in the coonty o Rutland in the East Midlands o Ingland, aboot three mile (5 km) soothwast o Uppingham.

In 2007 it haed a population o 39. With anerlie 14 hames this is a quiet veelage wi its mediaeval kirk dedicatit tae Saunt Andras. A meeth claims that the Gunpowder Plot conspirators met in a sma room abuin the porch; the anerlie basis for this is that the manor wis pairt o the estate o Sir Everard Digby.

Stoke Dry is forby kent as the steid o the Eyebrook Reservoir locatit at the bottom o the hill.

Being such a sma veelage the social life is modest, but ance a year things are enlivened when the Rutland Morris Men (ane o the key Morris sides in the UK) turn up an play on a Monday nicht—uisually in Juin or Julie. It is no uncommon for the entire veelage tae turn oot tae watch the event, an tae provide the traditional sustenance tae the travellin dancers an their baund o muisickers. There are generally 16 or so Morris Men present—their presence increasin the population o the veelage for an oor or so bi anither 50%.

Details o when an whaur the Rutland Morris Men are appearin are gien on

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Coordinates: 52°34′37″N 0°41′02″W / 52.577°N 0.684°W / 52.577; -0.684