Stickney (crater)

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Stickney at heid in sunlicht, eimaged bi Maurs Global Surveyor

Stickney crater is the lairgest crater on Phobos, whilk is a muin o Maurs. It is aboot 10 km in diameter.

It is thocht that the dunt whilk creatit Stickney wis sae snar that it naurly brak Phobos asinder. Radiatin chacks can be seen aboot Stickney.

The crater is cried efter Chloe Angeline Stickney Hall, wife o Phobos diskiverer Asaph Hall.

Stickney coud be seen wi the nakit ee frae the surface o Maurs. It is in the mids o the left lip o Phobos's face, on the Maurs-facin side. It is locate at 5°S 55°W on Phobos.

It haes a smawer, nameless crater inouth it, the affcome o a later dunt.