Stephen Curry

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Curry in 2016

Wardell Stephen Curry II (born 14 Mairch 1988) is an American perfaissional basketball player fur th' Golden State Warriors o' th' NBA. Mony players 'n' analysts hae cried him th' greatest shooter in NBA history. In 2014–15, Curry won th' NBA maist valuable player award 'n' led th' warriors tae thair foremaist championship sin 1975. Th' follaein seezin, he became th' foremaist player in NBA history tae be picked MVP by a unanimous vote 'n' tae leid th' division in scoring while shooting 'boon 50–40–90. That identical year, th' Warriors broke th' record fur th' maist wins in an NBA seezin. Curry helped th' warriors return tae th' NBA Feenals fur a third straecht year in 2017, whaur he won his seicont NBA championship. In 2018, Curry helped th’ Warriors return tar th’ feenals in their feenals ball win against th’ Cavaliers.