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Starcraft, ran bi Blizzard Entertainment, is a gemme makkit in 1998 an mony fowk plays it. There's 3 kynd o fowk in the gemme.

Terran These fowk is human.

Zerg These fowk is creaturs that's sib tae insects.

Protoss These fowk is auld aliens wi mony pouers.

Multiplayer The fowk who play the gemme play on the server. Thar 7 severs: Asie 1 2 and 3, Europe, US East, and US Wast. The reason fir the 3 Asie servers is the Korean fowk lik ta play this gemme.

Starcraft Expansion: Brood War This gemme makkit in 1998 mekke more fowk play.

Starcraft II Blizzard fowk say in 2007 that they will mekke this game. Unfortnately it had since been delait, there is no release date announced yit, despite a workin' public beta.