Stadio San Paolo

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San Paolo
San Paolo - Curva A.jpg
Full name Stadio San Paolo
Umwhile names Stadio del Sole
Location Naples, Campanie, Italy
Coordinates 40°49′41″N 14°11′35″E / 40.827967°N 14.193008°E / 40.827967; 14.193008Coordinates: 40°49′41″N 14°11′35″E / 40.827967°N 14.193008°E / 40.827967; 14.193008
Awner Comune di Napoli
Executive suites 20
Capacity 109,824 (oreeginally)
60,240 (current)
Record attendance 112,365 (SSC Napoli-AC Perugia, 21 October 1979)
Field size 110 m × 68 m (361 ft × 223 ft)
Surface Grass
Brak grund 1948
Biggit 1948-1959
Appent 6 December 1959 (1959-12-06)
Renovatit 1990, 2010
Airchitect Carlo Cocchia, Luigi Corradi
S.S.C. Napoli (1959–present)
Italian fitbaw team (selectit matches)

Stadio San Paolo is a stadium in the wastren suburb o Fuorigrotta in Naples, Italy, an is the third lairgest fitbaw stadium in Italy efter the San Siro an Stadio Olimpico.