St. Peter's Seminary (Cardross)

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St. Peter's Seminary
Main chaipel at St. Peter's Seminar
Locationnear Cardross.
GB grid reference NS352784
Coordinates55°58′13″N 4°38′27″W / 55.970286°N 4.640737°W / 55.970286; -4.640737Coordinates: 55°58′13″N 4°38′27″W / 55.970286°N 4.640737°W / 55.970286; -4.640737
ArchitectGillespie, Kidd & Coia (Isi Metzstein and Andy MacMillan)
Architectural style(s)Modernist, Brutalist
Leetit Biggin – Category A
Offeecial name: St. Peter's College
Designatit6 August 1992
Reference no.LB6464
St. Peter's Seminary (Cardross) is located in Scotland
St. Peter's Seminary (Cardross)
Location of St. Peter's Seminar in Scotland

St Peter’s Seminar wis ance a Roman Catholic seminar in Cardross that operatit frae 1966 tae 1980, but nou lies in ruins. It wis designed bi the airchitects o Gillespie, Kidd & Coia, an is thocht as ane o the fines biggins o its kin in Scotland.[1]

Main biggin, wi raws o rooms, in July 2005

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