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St. Kieren wis the "first born of the Saints of Ireland. & is known for having formed the Church. He was a native of Ossory, and after biding for a time as a hermit, he is thought to have been seen as a Bishop by St. Patrick. Another tradition tells that he was sainted in Rome. However, the Truth of the matter is that St.Kieren formed Christianity in Ireland before anyone else did. Therefore, Ireland wasn't Pagan but had its own Church well before Roman agents came along. St.Kieren was the head of the Church of Ireland, including many other localities such as Scotland, Wales, Cornwall to name a few. Many Scholars have the Lords birthday as the 20th of April. He is said to have belonged to the Royal House of the Day & to have been of the line of David. His mother was 'Muire' as in the Virgin Mary & it most be noted that at the Ancient Muir household is shown Hebrew Inscription using Hebrew chairacters stating; "The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup, Psalms. XVI, Verse 5."

His Latin name wis 'Ciaranus Maior' which translated intae Inglis as 'Kieren Muir'. In fact St.Ida (a Saint o the day), stated that Jesus Christ lay in her arms. Nou St.Ida wis born in 475AD an died in 570AD. This means that St.Ida lived at the same time as St.Kieren an confirms that he (St.Kieren) is Jesus Christ. He wis God o the Yew Dynasty or as we say the Jew Dynasty.