Sportivo Dock Sud

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Dock Sud
Full nameClub Sportivo Dock Sud
Nickname(s)Docke, Inundados
Foondit1 September 1916; 107 years ago (1916-09-01)
GroundEstadio de Los Inmigrantes, Dock Sud, Greater Buenos Aires
Ground Capacity5,000
ChairmanAníbal Campanini
ManagerJuan Manuel Maddoni
LeaguePrimera C
WabsteidClub wabsteid

Club Sportivo Dock Sud (familiarly cried Docke by fans) is a Argentine fitbaw club based in the Dock Sud destrict o Avellaneda Partido, Greater Buenos Aires. The club is maistly kent for its fitbaw team, which currently plays in Primera C, the regionalisit fowert diveesion o the Argentine fitbaw league seestem.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

A club cried Club Atlético Dock Sud wis foondit in 1914, but it wis suin dissolvit. In 1916 the same individuals fuirmit a new club named Sportivo Dock Sud, which has continued since then.

Dock Sud played at the top diveesion o Argentine fitbaw, the Primera División, durin the amateur era. The club stayed in Primera atween 1922 an 1926, bein its best campaign in 1924 when feenishin in the 3rd. place. The squad returned tae the first diveesion in 1933 an 1934, when it pairticipatit in the AAF Amateur league.

Dock Sud's finest achievement tae date wis winnin the 1933 amateur AAF league title. The team haes haed little success syne turnin profeesional ither than a few lawer league titles. In Mey 2011, Dock Sud obtained a new title, promotin tae Primera C efter winnin the 2010-11 championship.

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Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. a b The AAF wis an amateur league fuirmit bi teams that haed disaffiliatit frae Argentine Fitbaa Association, which lastit till 1934.[1]

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