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Spiritualism haes various flavors tae it.

Maist Spiritualist wid gree tae th' follaein nine principles: 1) We hawp in Infinite Intelligence; 2) we hawp that th' phenomena o' Nature, baith physical 'n' spiritual, ur th' expression o' Infinite Intelligence; 3) we affirm that a correct understanding o' sic expression 'n' living in accordance therewith constitute true religion; 4) we affirm that th' existence 'n' personal identity o' th' individual continue efter th' change cried death; 5) we affirm that communication wi' th' so-called deid is a fact, scientifically proven by th' phenomena o' Spiritualism; 6) we hawp that th' hi'est morality is contained in th' Golden Rule: "Do unto others as ye wid huv thaim dae unto you." 7) we affirm th' moral responsibility o' th' individual, 'n' that we mak' oor ain happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey Nature's physical 'n' spiritual laws; 8) we affirm that th' doorway tae reformation is ne'er closed against ony soul 'ere or hereafter; 9) we affirm that th' precept o' Prophecy 'n' Healing ur Divine attributes.

Spiritualism haes a tendencey tae wane whin times ur guid, 'n' tae thrive whin times ur ill (such as in times o' war). Lik' ony denomination, Spiritualism haes various branches tae it.