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South Melbourne
Full name South Melbourne Football Club
Nickname(s) Lakers, Gunners, Hellas, Blues
Foondit 1959
Ground Lakeside Stadium
Ground Capacity 15,000
Caiptain Bradley Norton
Preses Leo Athanasakis
Coach Con Tangalakis
League NPL Victoria
2017 2nt
Wabsteid Club wabsteid
Current saison

South Melbourne FC is an Australie semi-profeesional soccer club based in South Melbourne, Victoria. Considered the maist successful soccer club in Australie,[1] the club haes wan fower naitional championships, a string o Victorian State League titles, an representit Oceanie in the 2000 FIFA Club Warld Championship. Alang wi the Marconi Stallions, they wur ane o twa clubs tae compete in ivery saison o the National Soccer League. The club currently competes in the Victorian Premier League.

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