Sooth Scots

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Sooth Scots (kent as Border Scots an aw) is the dialect o the Scots leid spoken in the Scots Borders aurie o Scotland. Laith the naime Sooth Scots, it isna spoken awplace in the Sooth o Scotland; anely in a smaw pairt o eastren Dumfriesshire, aw o Roxburghshire an maist o Selkirkshire.

Sooth Scots can be cawed mony different things bi different fowk; it mey be cawed efter the toun thay're frae, for ensaumple fowk frae Hawick say thay speak Hawick. It is cawed Borders bi some fowk an aw.

Sooth Scots (lik Doric) haes a lang tradeetion o poetry an sang, gien rise tae the great Border Ballads, mony o whilk can be foond on wabsteids sic as YouTube.

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