Snap-Dragon (Gemm)

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Snap-dragon wis an Inglis spence gemm weel-likit fae aboot the saxteent tae nineteent centuries. Hit wis spieled in throu the wunter, in parteecular on Christenmas Eve (altho in soum variants o hit wis spielt at Hallae e'en insteid). Brandy wis het an stanced in a braid shauld bowl; raisins wis stanced in the brandy whilk wis syne set ableeze. For ordinar, lichts wis Oot quentit or blee'd tae eik tae the oorie effeck o the blue lowes birlin athort the strunt. The ettle o the gemme wis tae pouk the raisins oot o the brunin brandy an eat thaim, at the chynce o bein scaudert.