Snakes on a Plane

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Snakes on a Plane is a 2006 American horror[1]/thriller film[2] directit bi David R. Ellis an starrin Samuel L. Jackson. It wis released bi New Line Cinema on August 18, 2006 in North Americae. The film wis written bi David Dalessandro, John Heffernan, an Sheldon Turner an follaes the events o hunders o snakes being released on a passenger plane in an attempt tae kill a trial witness.

The film gained a considerable amount o attention afore its release, formin lairge fanbases online an becomin an Internet phenomenon, due tae the film's title, castin, an premise. In response tae the Internet fan base, New Line Cinema incorporatit feedback frae online uisers intae its production, an addit five days o reshootin. Afore an efter the film wis released, it wis parodied an alludit tae on television shows an films, fan-made videos, video games, an various forms o literature.

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