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Smith's Wood is a residential aurie in the north o the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull in the Wast Midlands o Ingland. It is a ceevil parish wi a population o 10,943, accordin tae the 2001 census.

The A452 an M6 form its north an east boundary, Kingshurst an Fordbridge its sooth, an Castle Bromwich its wast.

Smith's Wood an aa haes several pairks that are being redeveloped. The Smith's Wood estate is the steid o the auncient 'Smith's Wood'- a historical woodland which wis ance pairt o the forest o Arden. It wis offeecially designatit a Local Nature Reserve in 2004 an is going tae be enhanced as pairt o the regeneration project alang wi ither green spaces.

Smith's Wood is hame tae Smith's Wood Boys Football Club, a lairge boys' fitbaa club established in 1970. Derby County forward Jamie Ward is frae Smiths Wood an attendit Smiths Wood Sports College.

Mony flats an houses are being demolished an rebuilt in Smith's Wood as pairt o the regeneration o North Solihull. New features will include a heich street, a community hub, an a new private hoosin estate on Burton's Farm Park. The Woodlands campus o Solihull College wis completit in 2006.

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

There are five primary schuils; an aw a special an a seicontary schuil (Smith's Wood Sports College) on adjacent steids.

Ethnicity[eedit | eedit soorce]

At the 2001 Census, Smith’s Wood haed the 6t heichest proportion o non-white residents (Black, Asian, Mixed Race an Cheenese) in Solihull (6%), although aw wards in the Borough are belaw the Wast Midlands average o 11%. Smith’s Wood haes the Borough’s heichest proportion o mixed race (3%) an black residents (3%). Syne the 2001 Census, the proportion o non-white residents in Solihull haes risen significantly. Experimental statistics frae mid-2007, estimate that the proportion o non-white residents in Solihull rose tae 9%. Ward level figures are no available, but it is likely that Smith’s Wood will hae seen a proportional rise in non-white residents as well.

Freemit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 52°29′35″N 1°44′16″W / 52.4930°N 1.7377°W / 52.4930; -1.7377