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Lordi (2023)

Lordi is a metal baund frae Finland. They are weel kent e'en ootwi the metal community for winnin the Euroveesion Sang Contest in 2006.


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Lordi on stage at Ruisrock

Efter wirkin on twa-three muisical projects in the airt o theatrical haurd rock, Mr. Lordi chuist tae form Lordi, gaitherin ither muisickers wi seemilar muisical interests. They darged awa in obscurity for a time, an gaun by Mr. Lordi the baund wis rejectit bi several record labels for their costumes an theatrical mainer (see ablow).

They chyngedna their style, but, an in 2002 wis signed an pit furth their first album, Get Heavy. This was successfu in Finland, winnin tae nummer three in the Finnish chairts. The single Would You Love A Monsterman buir the gree tae nummer ane in the Finnish chairts, an the seicont single, Devil Is A Loser won tae nummer nine. Baith sangs is still played at awmaist aw Lordi shaws the day.

The baund's seicond album The Monsterican Dream wis pitten oot in 2004. The neist year, wi the baund pickin up a follaein in the Unitit Kinrick, the best sangs frae the twa albums wis waled an pitten thegither for tae mak The Monster Show.

Album nummer three, The Arockalypse (2006) wis weel kent for the hit single Hard Rock Hallelujah, the sang that the baund became mair weel kent wi, bi playin it whan they won the Eurovision Sang Contest (see ablo). Sinsyne, the baund haes conteenad tae tour Europe an Americae baith heidlinin or supportin better kent baunds. At the stairt o 2008 a pictur cried Dark Floors - A Lordi Motion Picture wis setten furth, wi muckle involvement frae Lordi, an a single frae it, Beast Loose in Paradise wis setten furth for tae promote it.

Euroveesion Sang Constest

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In 2006, Lordi won A Sang For Finland tae win throu tae the final o the Eurovision Sang Contest in Athens, Greece. This cam as a suprise tae the baund - Mr. Lordi statit in an interview that they anerly entert thaimsels in "A Sang For Finland" for tae "get some free PR in Finland".

The baund wis the first metal baund tae kythe at Eurovision that's for ordinar fou o saft pop an techno acts, (tho HammerFall o Swaden haed turned doun a speir tae gae for it bi the Swadish muisic industry), an there wis a stushie kickit up bi conservative bourachs in baith Finland an Greece for tae get them kickit oot the contest, threapin the baund wis Sautanist. This was denee'd bi the baund thaimsels, an nae mair cam o it.

Lordi played Hard Rock Hallelujah for their sang, an wi the votin help o metal fans frae aw ower Europe, buir the gree an won - takkin 292 pynts, a record victory. It wis the first time Finland haed won the Contest efter ower fower yeir o tryin. Three times they haed come back wi nae pynts ava, an the win wis walcomed blythelike in Finland. A mercat square in the centre o Mr. Lordi's hame toun o Rovaniemi wis re-named "Lordi Square" an Finland pit oot a series o post staumps tae merk the win.


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Lordi is weel kent for buskin up in monster costumes, that they weir in aw videos, live shaws an photie-shuits. The costumes is maistly o latex, an taks aboot twinty meenit tae pit on - forby Mr. Lordi's ane, that's muckle aulder nor the ithers an taks aboot twa oor tae pit on. The baund aye helps ilk ithir wi pittin thaim on.

The costumes got the baund muckle publeecity at the time o the Eurovision Sang Contest. A wheen papers pit oot picturs o whit they threapit wis Lordi unmaskit - the Daily Mail did sae wi a pictur that wis in fact a photograph o Children of Bodom, anithir baund awthegither. The pictur did hae umwhile Lordi keybuirdist Erna Siikavirta in it, but she haed quat the baund an jyned wi Children of Bodom lang afore the Euroveesion shaw.


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Current Memmers

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  • "Mr. Lordi" (Tomi Petteri Putaansuu) - Liltin (1996-)
  • "Kone" - Guitar (2022-)
  • "Hiisi" - Bass Guitar (2019-)
  • "Mana" - Drums (2012-)
  • "Hella" - Keybuirds (2012-)

Umwhile Memmers

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  • "G-Stealer" (Sami Keinänen) - Bass Guitar (1996-1999)
  • "Magnum" (Sami Wolking) - Bass Guitar (1999-2002)
  • "Kalma" (Niko Hurme) - Bass Guitar (2002-2005)
  • "Enary" (Erna Siikavirta) - Keybuirds (1996-2005)
  • "Kita" (Sampsa Astala) - Drums (2000-2010)
  • "Otus" (Tonmi Lillman) - Drums (2010-2012)
  • "Awa" (Leena Peisa) - Keybuirds (2005-2012)
  • "OX" (Samer el Nahhal) - Bass Guitar (2019-)
  • "Amen" (Jussi Sydänmaa) - Guitar (1996-2002)


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Singles & EPs

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  • Would You Love a Monsterman? (2002) FIN #1
  • Devil is a Loser (2003) FIN #9
  • Blood Red Sandman (2004) FIN #17
  • My Heaven Is Your Hell (2004)
  • Hard Rock Hallelujah (2006) FIN #1, GER #5, UK #25, IRL #4
  • Who's Your Daddy? (2006) FIN #1, GER #33
  • Would You Love A Monsterman? (2006)
  • It Snows In Hell (2006) FIN #2
  • They Only Come Out at Night (2007) FIN #6
  • Beast Loose In Paradise (2008) FIN #3
  • Bite It Like a Bulldog (2008) FIN #1
  • Deadache (2008)
  • This Is Heavy Metal (2010)
  • Rock Police (2010)
  • The Riff (2013)
  • Hug You Hardcore (2016)
  • Your Tongue’s Got the Cat (2018)
  • Naked in My Cellar (2018)
  • Shake the Baby Silent (2019)
  • I Dug a Hole in the Yard for You (2019)
  • Like A Bee To The Honey (2020)
  • Believe Me (2021)
  • Abracadaver (2021)
  • Borderline (2021)
  • Merry Blah Blah Blah (2021)
  • Demon Supreme (2021)
  • Day Off Of The Devil (2022)
  • Spear Of The Romans (2022)
  • Reel Monsters (2022)
  • Market Square Massacre (2006)
  • Bringing Back The Balls To Stockholm (2007)
  • Recordead Live – Sextourcism in Z7 (2018)
  • Monster Magazine (2002)
  • Alkuperä (2006)
  • Verenjano (2007)
  • Verensininen (2008)

Fremmit airtins

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