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Scripted reality (sometimes forbye euphemisit as structured reality[1]) in telly an enterteenment is a subgenre o reality televeesion wi major or teepically aw pairts o the contents bein scriptit, i.e. pre-arrangit bi the production company an thus feectional.[1][2] As in the supergenre, emphasis is on drama, stereoteeps, personae an subjective elements at the expense o socio-poleetically, environmentally, etc. relevant topics. Teepical examples are docudramas an court shows/legal dramas.

Whilk thare is considerable owerlap in the uisage o the terms scripted reality TV an reality TV, the scriptit variant will niver leave the plot or the story's ootcome tae chance whauras the latter mey compensate for chance elements wi hielichtin suitably enterteenin pairts o an itherwise real story. Scripted reality can be "custom-made" tae suit the TV consumer's taste an mey adapt formats tae wanin public interest.

The major risk wi scriptit reality formats is in the subliminal influence such shows or series mey hae on the consumer, who mey involuntarily adapt behaviours, opionions an attitudes frae wholly virtual personae in (despite the format's name an the industry's attempts at authenticity[2]) lairgely unrealistic settins.

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