Scotch pie

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Scotch pie
Scotch pie.jpg
Alternative names Shell pie, mince pie, fitbaa pie
Teep Meat pie
Region or state Scotland
Servin temperatur Het
Main ingredients Mutton or ether meat, het watter crust pastry
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A Scotch pie is a dooble-crust pie, oreiginally frae Scotland but popular in Ingland an aa.

The fillin is minced mutton, aften spiced wi pepper an ither ingredients. Ilka piemakker's preceise receipt, includin the kinds an amoonts o spice uised, is for ordinar keepit gey saicret, for fear o eimitations. It is bakkit in a roond, straucht-sidit tin, aboot 3 1/2in (8 cm) aroond an 1 3/4in (4 cm) heich, wi the tap crust aboot 1/4in (1 cm) laigher nor the rim tae mak room for addin accompaniments sic as chappit tatties, bakkit beans or bree.

Scotch pies is aften sert by tak-awa restaurants, an at ootdoor events sic as fitbaa gemmes.

Ilka year, the Scotch Pie Club hauds the Warld Scotch Pie Championship. Fleshers and baxters enter thair pies intae this competeition, an the makker o the pie juidged maist gustie bi a panel o juidges is awairdit the teitle o Warld Scotch Pie Champion.