Sawney Bean

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Sawney Bean
Luikin ower tae Benane Heid

Sawney Bean wis a canibal thit bade in a cave, a kin o gloup bi the shore, in the sooth o Ayrshire in the saxteent yearhunner.[1] Himsel, his wife an faimilie ambushit, capturt, kilt an ett traivelers thit wis gaun alang the road. The cave thay bade in is at Benane Heid, 5km north o Ballantrae, 4km sooth o Lendalfit, an 8km sooth o Kennedy’s Pass.[1] The cave is 200m deep an richt alaw the road.

Sawney an his wife, “Black Agnes Douglas” cam first frae East Lowden. Atween them Sawney and Agnes produced sax dauchters, echt sons, fowerteen grandauchters, and echteen grandsons, aw intermairit wi wan anither. The clan o them are telt tae hae kilt an ett mair nor a thoosan traivelers.[2]

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