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Saunt Emma

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Saunt Emma

Saunt Emma (ca. 975-980 – 3 December 1038) wis a German noblewumman an Christian saunt endue tae her beneficence. Emma wis jaloused tae be fae strynd o the legendar wild Widukind, an her mither wis a wumman cried Adela. Emma hersel wis kent for bein temperamental an pauchtie, as veeolent an aw. Emma mairiet the sonsefu Coont Ludger an haed a son cried Imad. Her brither, Meinwerk, wis bishop o Paderborn, an Imad wis later bishop o the same see.

Coont Ludger dee'd aboot 1010, an Emma, nou a chynged sowel, gracied the lave o her life tae ser. She wared her fortuin biggin kirks an monasteries in the See o Bremen. Her guid wirks wis legendar. She is conseedert tae hae dee'd c. 1050. Efter her daith, a cultus developed aboot her, an her graff wis opened for translation o her relics efter she wis canonized. Whan the tomb wis opened, her bodie haed mirled tae smurach cept for her richt haund. That relic wis placed in the abbey o Saunt Ludger at Verden.

Her feast day in the Roman Catholic Kirk is 19 Aprile.