Sassine Square

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Sassine Square (Arabic: ساحة ساسين‎) is ane o the maist prominent urban auries o East Beirut, Lebanon. Locatit in the Achrafieh destrict, Sassine Square is ane o the biggest an auldest squares in Beirut.

Historically an popularly named efter ane o the auldest an maist prominent families o Beirut, Sassine Square wis offeecially inauguratit in the early '90s unner the auspices o Preses Elias Hrawi, Prime Meenister Rafic Hariri, Member o Parliament Michel Sassine, an the Municipal Cooncil o Beirut Ceety .[1] Archived 2013-12-15 at the Wayback Machine,[2] Archived 2014-09-29 at the Wayback Machine

Sassine Square is reputit tae be a key social an commercial focal pynt o the Lebanese caipital. Ayont bein a residential aurie wi a lairge pedestrian an transportation hub, it hosts renouned commercial an leisur centers, includin the ABC Mall, attractin lairge amoonts o visitors an tourists .

Lik the auncient Agora o the Greek touns, Sassine Square is becomin a meetin place whaur aw the Lebanese frae different culturs an confessions communicate daily.

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