Santorini caldera

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Santorini Caldera
Santorini Caldera Landsat.jpg
Santorini island group frae space
Heichest pynt
Elevation367 metre (1,204 ft)
Coordinates36°23′44″N 25°27′33″E / 36.39556°N 25.45917°E / 36.39556; 25.45917
LocationAegean Sea, Greece
Muntain teepCaldera (active)
Last eruption1950

Santorini caldera is a lairge, maistly submerged caldera, locatit in the soothren Aegean Sea, 120 kilometers north o Crete in Greece. Veesible abuin watter is the circular Santorini island groop, consisting o Santorini (aka Thera), the main island, Therasia an Aspronisi at the periphery, an the Kameni islands at the center.