Santiago Choapam

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Santiago Choapam
Municipality an toun
Santiago Choapam is locatit in Mexico
Santiago Choapam
Santiago Choapam
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 17°21′N 95°55′W / 17.350°N 95.917°W / 17.350; -95.917
Kintra Mexico
 • Total312.107 km2 (120.505 sq mi)
 • Tot5,413
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylicht Time)

Santiago Choapam (or Choapan) is a toun an municipality in Oaxaca in sooth-wastren Mexico. The municipality covers a aurie o 312.1 km². It is pairt o the Choapam Destrict in the sooth o the Papaloapan Region. Commonties include Santiago Choapam, San Juan del Rio, Santa Maria Yahuivé, Maninaltepec, San Yaveloxi Jacinto, San Juan Teotalcingo an Santo Domingo.[1]

The municipality is on average 840 metres abuin sea level, wi a het an humid climate an a wet simmer. The main rivers are the Lágrimas River an the Santa María Yahuive River. The forests conteen cedar, avocado, mahogany an pine, mosses, ferns an palms. Thare is a great variety o wildlife, includin bobcats or ocelots, puma, jaguar, tod, skunk an deer. Freshwatter crab an shrimp are foond the in streams an rivers.[1]

As o 2010, the municipality haed 1,244 hoosehauds wi a tot population o 5,413. O thir 45.1 % spoke a indigenous leid, maistly Choapan Zapotec but wi Chinantec minorities. Maist fowk are engagit in agricultur, growin Manila mangos, bananae, orange, lemon, succar cane, custard aiple, sweet potato an granaditas, or in forestry. Some cattle breedin is practicit an aw. Thare is nae industry, an negligible tourism.[1]

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Coordinates: 17°22′N 95°55′W / 17.367°N 95.917°W / 17.367; -95.917