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San Pablo Huitzo

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San Pablo Huitzo
Municipality an toun
The kirk o San Pablo in San Pablo Huitzo
The kirk o San Pablo in San Pablo Huitzo
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San Pablo Huitzo is located in Mexico
San Pablo Huitzo
San Pablo Huitzo
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 17°16′35″N 96°52′57″W / 17.27639°N 96.88250°W / 17.27639; -96.88250
Kintra Mexico
 • Urban
63.8 km2 (24.6 sq mi)
1,700 m (5,600 ft)
 • Municipality an toun5,242
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylicht Time)
Area code(s)951

San Pablo Huitzo (commonly referred tae as Huitzo) is a toun an municipality in Oaxaca in sooth-wastren Mexico. The municipality covers a aurie o 63.80 km². It is pairt o the Etla Destrict in the Valles Centrales region. As o 2005, the municipality haed a total population o 5,242.[1][2]


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The aurie comprisin Huitzo wis inhabitit as early as 1200 BCE. Bi 1400 AD a Zapotec veelage existit that wis kent bi the name o Huijazoo, a wird that means Warrior Watchtouer in the Zapotec leid.[1] In 1522 Spaingie troops arrivit an foondit the current ceety, giein it the name Gueixolotitlan. Housomeivver, bi 1700 the name Huitzo haed been adoptit bi the populace. When the first Roman Catholic monks arrivit tae evangelize the local population, they selectit Saunt Paul (San Pablo, in Spaingie) as the patron saunt o the veelage an erectit a kirk bi the same name. The kirk is notable for a lairge nummer o 16t-century an ither colonial-era santos, statues o the saunts.[3] It wis throu the influence o the Catholic Kirk that the toun arrivit at its present name San Pablo Huitzo.[1]

Modren day

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Post-clessic era tomb in Huitzo

The day Huitzo is a fermin commonty notit for growin vegetables an flouers, wi amaist hauf o its population employed bi ferms or ither agricultur-relatit venturs.[1] Airchaeological steids in the aurie consist o several tombs, waws, an similar Zapotec structurs. Maist o the steids are owergrown wi vegetation, housomeivver they dae attract some tourists an airchaeologists.[4]


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Coordinates: 17°15′N 96°52′W / 17.250°N 96.867°W / 17.250; -96.867