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San Lorenzo, Tarija

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Kirk o San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo (or: Villa San Lorenzo) is a toun in the Tarija Depairtment in Bolivie.


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San Lorenzo is the admeenistrative centre o Eustaquio Méndez Province an situatit at 21°25′00″S 64°44′58″W / 21.41667°S 64.74944°W / -21.41667; -64.74944Coordinates: 21°25′00″S 64°44′58″W / 21.41667°S 64.74944°W / -21.41667; -64.74944, 2,001 m abuin sea leavel, on the left bank o Río Tojtiwaysho, 15 km north o Tarija, the department caipital.


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San Lorenzo haed a population o 2,340 indwallers in 1992 (census), 2,754 indwallers in 2001 (census), an haes mair nor 3,000 indwallers bi 2007.

San Lorenzo wis the hame o Don Eustaquio Méndez, who wis ane o the leaders in the fecht for the Bolivie unthirldom. The local museum Casa del Moto Méndez exhibits pairt o his personal belangins an wappens.

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