San Antonio de Palé

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San Antonio de Palé, is the caipital o Annobón, an island in Equatorial Guinea that wis ance pairt o the Spaingie Empire in Africae.

A sma toun, it haes ae 600 inhabitants, the majority o whom speak the Annobonese creole. It is locatit in the extreme north o the island, which is the driest an flattest aurie. It is hame tae an aerodrome, a quay, a medical centre, a schuil, a lichthoose, a radio station an a Catholic mission.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Foondit bi Portuguese explorers, it passed unner Spaingie control in 1778, alang wi the rest o Annobón. In 1801, the Breetish constructit a sma fort there, an later on, in 1827, Spain rentit oot the aurie aroond San Antonio as a Breetish base for the slave trade. The toun an aa served as the centre o evangelisation o runaway slaves frae Angolae. Capuchin an Carmelite missionaries first made the toun their base in 1580.

Coordinates: 1°24′S 5°38′E / 1.400°S 5.633°E / -1.400; 5.633