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Salzburgring track map

The Salzburgring is a 4.225 kilometres (2.63 mi) permanent race track in Austrick, east o Salzburg.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

This race track haed been opened in 1968. Lyin in a nairae, alpine valley, it haes a rather semple layoot, wi twa lang straights plus the sweepin an fast "Fahrerlagerkurve" ("paddock turn") at the bottom, an the nairae "Nockstein-Kehre" on the tap. In spite o its semple layoot, it garnered a fearsome reputation for the hicht speeds reached on the straights an the "Fahrerlagerkurve".

It hosts mainly touring caur races lik the German ADAC Procar Series, DPM, DTC, STW, but several Grand Prix motorcycle racin (frae 1971 tae 1994 except for 1980 an 1992), Superside an the Austrian motorcycle Grand Prix events wur held thare an aw. An thare haed been Oldtimer Grand Prix as well as during the last years a "Rupert Hollaus Memorial" organized bi Ex-GP motorcycle an sidecaur rider Wolfgang Stropek.

Grand Prix Motorcycle Racin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Some results:

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Coordinates: 47°49′16″N 013°09′34″E / 47.82111°N 13.15944°E / 47.82111; 13.15944