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Salalah (Arabic: صلالة; transliteratit Şalālah‎), is the caipital an seat o the governor or Wali o the soothren Omani province o Dhofar. The population o Salalah is 197,169 as o 2009[1].

Salalah is the seicont lairgest ceety in the Sultanate o Oman, an the lairgest ceety in the Dhofar Provence. The coastal ceety o Salalah is a traditional stranghauld an birthplace o the Sultan, Qaboos bin Said. The Sultan tradeetionally lives in Salalah rather than in Muscat, the caipital an lairgest ceety in Oman; Qaboos haes bucked this trend, an haes lived in Muscat syne he ascendit tae the throne in 1970. He daes housomeivver veesit Salalah fairly regularly tae meet wi influential tribal an local leaders; his last veesit wis in 2006 an afore that he visitit in 2002. In mid-2009 the massive Sultan Qaboos Mosque wis opened in Salalah, 39 years efter he haed taken the throne.

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Coordinates: 17°01′11″N 54°05′23″E / 17.019722°N 54.089722°E / 17.019722; 54.089722